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Functional Weight Loss 

For my entire career of more than forty years, I have been aware of the need for an effective, long-lasting weight loss program that didn't require stimulants, hormone injections, starvation, or excessive exercise. About nine months ago, I was introduced to a program that sounded feasible but also and more importantly, was aimed at addressing the causes of weight gain, namely: inflammation and hormonal imbalance. 

The foundation of the program entails detoxing from the various toxins we are exposed to everyday that result in cellular inflammation. By decreasing or eliminating inflammation, hormones are re-balanced, and metabolism is reset.                   





Removing toxins, decreasing inflammation, and resetting metabolism is achieved in several ways with this program:

     - a modified intermittent fasting schedule

     - a restricted diet similar to the elimination diet

     - the inclusion and use of several all-natural, liquid supplements.

It does not include:   

    - starvation

    - counting calories

    - the need to purchase shakes, bars, or other pre-packed foods

    - stimulants

    - hormone injections

    - excessive exercise

The company that supplies these supplements is based out of Seattle Washington and is called New Wave. In the years they have offered this program, they boast a 98% success rate (defined as the participant meeting their target weight loss goal) treating over 30,000 patients who have lost a total of over 1,300,000 pounds! 


The logistics of this program that results in such a high success rate include:

    1. Scientifically designed program that targets weight loss resistance effectively

    2. A program that only lasts 63 days, parsed into four phases:

            I. Loading Phase (2 days)

           II. Fat Loss Phase (42 days)

          III. Maintenance Phase (21 days)

          IV. Post Program Phase

    3. All natural, organic, liquid supplements that augment dietary measures

    4. A thorough orientation

    5. Effective resources that provide clear direction and rationale for how the program works

    7. Access to a Health Coach that is only an email away to problem solve issues, reiterate logistics, and encourage                               participants 

    5. A unique and convenient APP that tracks progress, monitored by the Health Coach to intervene quickly if a plateau is                   


Some of the benefits of this program are very exciting to me as a health care provider because this list includes some of the hardest to treat issues:

    * Weight loss (clients that follow the program step by step lose an average of 1/2 to 1 pound a day)

    * Improvement in vital signs and basic health parameters such as:

           blood pressure


           heart rate and oxygenation


    * Diminished pain

    * Improved cognitive function 


    * Higher quality of sleep

    * Reduced sleep apnea

   *  Improved blood sugar levels

   *  Symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome lessened

   *  Decreased severity of stress urinary incontinence

    * Reduction of medications by many of the participants (of the patients I have followed so far, medications that have been                  significantly decreased in amount or stopped have included medications for GERD, hypertension, cholesterol, and                            hypothyroidism.

   * Decreased risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, and heart attack

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