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At Integrative Practitioners we focus on the whole individual and their unique and relevant definition of health. People come to us not only wanting to feel healthy but also to become a vital member of their own health care team. Many people come to us looking for answers as to why they are not achieving their health goals after exhausting traditional medical avenues. 

We believe the key to healing starts with truly listening to you in order to hear and understand your individual experience. Once a thorough and comprehensive assessment is conducted, we will dive deeper to discover the causes of your health concerns. Together, we will create a personalized and comprehensive health plan addressing your physical,  mental, and spiritual well being. Our goal is to walk in concert with you as you take the steps to become your healthiest self. 

Please note we are only accepting appointments for new patients interested in the Medical Marijuana Program. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting new primary care or consultation patients at this time.  

Integrative Practitioners is now offering patient consultations for the NYS Medical Marijuana Program only. Click here for more information. 

600 East Genesee Street, Suite #114

Syracuse, NY 13202


fax 315.221.9736 or 315.825.4303

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