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Medical Marijuana Patient Information


In order to be assessed for your eligibility for the NYS Medical Marijuana Program there are a few steps to follow:


Clear evidence of the qualifying condition must be provided. A most recent note from the provider treating the condition will suffice or, you can obtain a referral from your primary care or the specialist treating you.  This referral can occur with a referral note or we have created an easy-to-complete form they can fill out. They can fax the information or you can mail it to our office. Ideally, you would also provide recent (within 6 months) lab work that would include a complete metabolic panel (CMP) and a complete blood count (CBC). Current Integrative Practitioners (IP) Patients do not need a referral but may need to have lab work updated. The referral form is linked under the "Providers Start Here" button on the Medical Marijuana page. Our fax is 315.221.9736 or 315. 825.4303.


Complete our Health Assessment Form.  Both the Referral form and Health Assessment are confidential and are only viewed by our staff. (Current IP Patients do not have to complete the Health Assessment).

Please note, you will need a NYS Driver's License or NYS ID Card with evidence of permanent residency in order to be certified by Integrative Practitioners.


Please arrive to your first appointment about 15 minutes early to complete the required paperwork if you have not printed and completed the forms beforehand. Please read the Treatment Agreement form that details our responsibilities to you and yours to us; we'll sign this together at your appointment. There will also be various HIPPA forms that we will review.


You will pay for your consultation at that time. The initial fee is $250.00 ($200.00 for current IP patients). On-going re-certifications and office visits are calculated based on time and complexity but typically range from $65-200 a visit.

Follow-up consultation telephone calls have no fee for 10 minutes. If your needs are such that calls exceed 10 minutes you'll be asked to schedule an office visit.


After your consultation, you will receive your NYS Certificate from our office. We will confirm your registration with the Medical Marijuana Patient Registration database at the NYS Department of Health. We will check the NYS Prescription Data Base to see what other controlled substances are prescribed to you. You'll sign a Treatment Agreement that details your responsibilities for the program and what our part entails.  


You can expect your NYS Registration Card in the mail in about 7-14 days. Be sure to keep your registration certificate and NYS card in a safe place. Please know that the process of registration and certification will take about 10-14 days from the date of your appointment with us. 

Once you have both of these items you can make an appointment at a dispensary of your choosing to purchase the product. Be sure to bring picture ID as well. Expect to spend $200 - $300 per month and sometimes more.


Check with the dispensary to see what forms of payment they accept as well as their hours. Most will ask you to make an appointment. Some do NOT accept credit cards, none accept checks.


Please keep in touch with us – your best outcome depends on good communication and will include dosage adjustments over the first few weeks.

We would like you to call us at (315) 707-7686 or email us every several weeks to report on your progress – we'll adjust dosages as needed.


General questions can also be sent via email to:

600 East Genesee Street, Suite #114

Syracuse, NY 13202


fax 315.221.9736 or 315.825.4303

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