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Please note: we are no longer accepting new primary care and/or consultation patients except for those interested in pursuing certification for Medical Marijuana. 


Step 1:  Reach Out To Us To Set Up An Appointment



          Call 315.707.7686           


Office Hours:


Monday 10am - 5pm

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 10-5pm

Thursday 10am - 5pm

Friday 10 am - 5pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm (as needed)

*For  medical  emergencies,  please  call  911

If you are an established patient with an urgent  matter that  cannot  wait until  business  hours,  please  call  315.374.1115



Step 2:  Tell Us About You

Please print, complete these three forms and bring them to your appointment.


Form #1:   This is a HIPAA form. This authorizes the disclosure of some/all of your medical information when needed. We will provide a copy of our HIPPA policy at your first visit. 

Form #2:  This is a medical release form. This allows us to obtain your medical information from other health care providers.

Form #3:   This is a health questionnaire. The questions asked are aimed at discovering the root cause of what you are experiencing so we have all of the information necessary to help you on your journey to better health. (Please allow plenty of time for completion of this form.)

Step 3:  Come To See Us

You've made an appointment and now you are on your way to finding answers and achieving personal wellness! Click here for a map to our office. 


When you arrive at our location, there are two options for parking.

1) There is parking underneath the building and patients can park in any space marked Harrison Chiropractic or Integrative Practitioners. 

2) There is a "pay for" parking lot next to the building which we will provide vouchers for.

Once you are in the building, our office is Suite 114. It is located on the 1st floor, directly to the right of the elevators.


600 East Genesee Street, Suite #114

Syracuse, NY 13202


fax 315.221.9736 or 315.825.4303

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