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Consultation for Pain Management

To someone experiencing chronic, unrelenting, life-changing pain, relief can sometimes seem impossible... For many individuals with this condition, the only treatments offered are antidepressants, narcotics and/or surgical intervention.

However, there are many more natural means of treating chronic pain!

Some of the many interventions we employ, include

* foods that quell inflammation and/or pain
* avoiding foods that can exacerbate inflammation/pain
* restorative sleep
* progressive exercise
* restoring gut balance
* active therapies such as physical and occupational therapy
* mind-body interventions
* addressing trauma
* energy work
* herbs
* non-narcotic oral and topical medications
* treating the etiology (cause) of the pain when possible

Integrative Practitioners specializes in identifying all sources of a person's pain in order to address the cause as well as its physical and emotional consequences most comprehensively, holistically, and effectively!


We treat pain stemming from conditions such as:

Chronic Fatigue
Autoimmune Conditions
Neurological Injury/Disease

Homemade Remedies
Physical Therapist

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